Giving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to World Outreach for a Grant?

World Outreach is not in a position to make grants or loans available to individuals or organisations not already directly connected with the mission. This is because every mission project and mission partner is thoroughly vetted by World Outreach, and incoming funds are, in general, already designated by the donor to projects and ministries to which World Outreach has already committed.

We receive so many requests for funding that, regrettably, we are unable to reply individually.

Our Church sends funds directly to missionaries. Is there any advantage to routing these funds through World Outreach?

To answer this question, it would be helpful to explain how we handle funds.

At the end of each calendar month, all the funds that have come in to the UK office for overseas ministries are added together and sent in a single international transfer to the World Outreach International office in Singapore. By using one transfer we can minimise the charges, and maximise the money available to missionaries.

At the International office, all the funds that have come in from the National offices are merged and a single monthly transfer made to each missionary. We work to maximise the security of each transfer, and to utilise the most efficient and economic route.

Where Gift Aid is to be reclaimed on a donation, the UK office credits it immediately to the donation so that the missionary will get immediate benefit. The office then reclaims it at leisure from the Inland Revenue.

Each missionary also receives a detailed monthly list by email of their gifts, the donors, and their contact details.

So the advantages are:

  • Gift Aid (an extra 25%) added immediately
  • A regular monthly remittance by a secure established route
  • No bank charges for the donor to pay
  • Missionary gets prompt automatic notification of all gifts

Note that Gift Aid will be reclaimed on a gift from an individual who has completed a valid Gift Aid declaration (and is therefore paying enough tax to cover the amount reclaimed by World Outreach). Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed on a gift from a church (because the church should already have reclaimed any Gift Aid due).

Is there any advantage in using a Standing Order?
The simple answer is Yes. The advantages are:

The missionary, who needs to eat regularly and pay bills like the rest of us – but who often pays the expenses of other people out of his/her own income – is very grateful for people who are able to commit to them on a regular basis. They still have to live by faith, but with one less uncertainty in their life. And, of course, a Standing Order can be changed, or stopped, at any time.

The donor has one less monthly payment to think about. If he/she has decided to commit regularly to a missionary or ministry, it makes sense to use a Standing Order.

The World Outreach office receipts Standing Orders annually at the end of each tax year, so there is less work to do and less expense.

So everyone wins.

If you would like to take out a Standing Order, please print a Standing Order Form from this website, complete it and send to the World Outreach office, who will add a World Outreach reference number and send it on to the bank for you. Please also consider completing a Gift Aid Form at the same time.

How do you use gifts to ‘General Mission Expenses’ and ‘Where Most Needed’?

Gifts designated for General Mission Expenses are used for the running costs of the UK office. These include the cost of running the office and of communicating with supporters, as well as the cost of producing and sending out our quarterly magazine Nations.

Gifts designated for Where Most Needed are used to fund projects which have been committed to, but where the income has proved to be insufficient.

For example, early in 2005, ‘Where Most Needed’ funds provided £1,600 for the Maziotela base in northern Mozambique to buy medicines and milk powder for an education and feeding programme for villagers, £2,200 to fund the launch of the Thai ‘Life in Christ’ teaching publication for church leaders, and to assist publication of the Arabic and Hindi Editions, and £1,000 to underwrite World Outreach Leadership Seminars in the Indian subcontinent.

When you had an office in Dorchester, we used to send you Postage Stamps.
The closure of the office Dorchester signalled the end of an era within World Outreach in the UK. Economic conditions meant that we had to cut staff and to automate heavily. Although it is often thought that computers mean more expense, our costs tumbled when we automated, and we were able to concentrate on improving what we were doing, and reducing costs further, rather than pouring all our effort into administration.

Although the recycling of postage stamps became a casualty of the slimming down operation, we were able to recommend Peter Bysh of Stamps for Evangelism as the person to send stamps to. Peter is completely independent of World Outreach, and supports a number of missions. However, at his discretion, World Outreach has benefited from the sales of stamps, picture postcards, cigarette and tea cards, which should be sent to Peter at:

Stamps for Evangelism (World Outreach)
11 St John Drive
DE21 6S If you would like to contact Peter, his email address is, or you can leave a telephone message for him on 01332 663 270.

Please do not send any stamps, etc, to the World Outreach office.

When you first write, if you supply your name and address, Peter will send you details of the work of SFE. If you send an email address, Peter will receipt each package of stamps. You may also be interested to look at Peter’s website at which carries information on which stamps are more valuable and how you can assist the work.