Flood situation remains critical

Though generally we take clean water for granted, we all know how vital it is to life. Not for nothing did Jesus describe himself as ‘the living water.’ We would like to ask for your prayers for situations around the world where flood waters are causing death and destruction, and where the need for clean drinking water is desperate.

The flood situation across 26 provinces of Thailand, especially in Bangkok, remains critical. World Outreach teams are involved in flood relief, going out on rented boats distributing aid. Lives, homes and livelihoods have been lost. Crocodiles spotted in the waters present an extra hazard.

Field leader Lorraine Dierck reports that rice, rubber boots, foam mattresses and medicines are being distributed. But key in the relief work is the provision of life-saving Lifestraw water purifying kits for families unable to leave their homes to get fresh water.

‘All of our teams have asked me to thank donors for the wonderful and generous help sent, especially the Lifestraws. These are literally a gift from God,’ says Lorraine, ‘and our teams have been able to share about Christ with those who have received them. Our team members … have horror stories of finding whole communities with hundreds of families where the water is neck deep. They have no food, no water, and urgently need medicine to alleviate skin diseases coming from the foul black water they are forced to live in.’

Our picture shows the distribution of the family Lifestraws pack, which can purify 18,000 litres of dirty water, enough for a family of five for three years. It requires no electricity or spare parts, and costs £30. A personal portable purifier, which can be hung around the neck, costs £10. As well as individual donations, World Outreach is appealing for businesses to sponsor the delivery of 500 family packs.

You can give online at world-outreach.com, or if you are a UK tax payer and would like to have Gift Aid applied to your donation, please send your gift to the UK office: World Outreach, BM Box 5265, LONDON, WC1N 3XX or ask us at office@wouk.org for details to help you make a direct bank transfer.



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